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January 19, 2011, 06:25 PM
I thought this might make for a good discussion.

I'm thinking about selling ad space on my classic car to local biz owners.

I also have a website for the car that I was using to try to sell it, but now I'm thinking I could also sell ad space to local biz owners on there as well.

Maybe sell pixels? Banners? Not sure what would be best or how to determine value of space.

My car gets MASSIVE ATTENTION. It may as well be on fire while I'm driving down the road or just sitting parked.

I can't get away from the gas pumps without at least a handful of people wanting to talk to me about it or just to give me a compliment.

Since it's a classic I'm not trying to do a "wrap"/decal type of ads.

I'm thinking along the lines of removable magnetic signs.

One strategically placed to get people who look at the car to go to the website where they can then see more ads.

I'm thinking that maybe a coupon component on the site would be a way to go as well.

Also I'm thinking about a JV with the sign shop for bringing him more biz by having him make all the signs for the businesses.

I think anyone who buys space on the car itself should pay a premium for the exposure.

I can also see being able to get exposure on my local radio stations. I know someone personally who owns a station in my hometown.

Any thoughts?

Looking forward to everyones input.

Thanks for everyone time.


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