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January 22, 2011, 03:24 PM
10 Ways to Make Money Without Starting a Business

This is for you if you DON'T want a business
but you DO want MORE MONEY right now.

This post could lead you to an Internet Marketing business, but it doesn't have to, could just be cash in your pocket now.

Want more money? Don't want a business? Read on.

Each one of these could be (and is for some) a business. However, all are one-off, stand alone ways to make money whenever you want to.

The 10 ways are:

Grow something.
Build something.
Teach something.
Create something.
Clean something.
Write something.
Do something.
Supply something.
Connect someone to someone else.
Sell something.

OK, there you go. Go forth and make some money.

What? You want some details? Some examples?

Alrighty then, here you go:

ONE. Grow something. Marijuana perhaps? Well, maybe in Calif with a license in hand, otherwise it becomes a HIGH RISK (albeit high reward) money maker. NOOOO, let's not mess with Weed...better things to grow, in my opinion.

Mike McGroarty has made tens of thousands of dollars selling small plants in his driveway. He grew these plants in his small back yard. OH, Mike also has mastered IM, has had a continuously successful site online for a decade now. Use google, you'll find him. He is one of the REAL Deals you could learn a lot from in your IM efforts.

My Uncle Frank Yoder had a fruit and vegetable stand on Swamp Rd. in Hartville, OH and, although he grew much of his stuff, he also bought other items wholesale. Hey, you got a FARMER'S MARKET in your area? All you need is a van or truck and a source of wholesale fruits and vegetables. OR, a backyard to grow your own. May not get “rich” like Ol Unc Frank, the dumb ol dirt farmer, but...people gotta eat and farmer's markets are hot right now...go ahead, cash in.

I know a guy here in S. FL who has several local growers producing a specialty type of Bonsai tree, and he acts as a wholesaler to those marketers who want to sell this plant. He has a TOLL POSITION between the Demand for the product and the Supply. He doesn't actually grow anything, nor does he ship it, he is an absentee owner but has CONTROL of the product (there is a lesson here for a few of you savvy marketers).

The smallest of back yards can produce thousands in income, Mike McGroarty is proof of that. If you have a green thumb, then you may want to try your hand at Growing some dough...and you could turn it into a full time business too.

TWO, build something.

Next to Preston School on Tallmadge Rd. in Cuyahoga Falls, OH lived a man who for over 25 years sold custom built DOG HOUSES and made a decent side line income from this. Take a look at U-bild It and see hundreds of plans for projects. There are many people who would buy one of these projects already built. Backyard swings, bird houses, porch swings, wishing wells, benches and bunk beds are a few of the staples which have been selling for over a hundred years.

OR, you could sell plans (what I call HOTSHEETS) to the millions of do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen out there. Build it, and they will buy. Even today, custom hand made stuff is greatly appreciated and highly valued. The Amish of Hartville have one of the largest indoor flea markets in the world, and you'll see scores of finished woodwork which sells day after day and has for years.

If you have handyman skills, if you wanted too, you could find customers almost daily who would put your skills and talents to work. One piece of advice for anyone working inside or on someone's home, get some liability insurance (consult your agent) and protect yourself in this litigious society we live in...hey, the dumbAzz women who fell into a fountain while texting has retained a lawyer.

Anyhow, there is a market for custom built products. The 20 hours a week you are wasting on your online marketing efforts might work better for you if you built something.

THREE, teach something.

I've taught golf for over 25 years and at one time had one of the largest rosters of golf students in the country. Even in retirement I still get a chance to teach a few hours a week and for doing something so fun too. Over my lifetime I've taught: driving (for SEARS EZ Method), golf, cooking, computer and software apps, training, marketing, copywriting and a whole bunch of other stuff too.

Teaching what you know is still one of the fastest and easiest ways to pick up some extra cash. And today, with Craigslist and Internet forums, it is so much easier than it was back in the day before the Internet. Check your local craigslist to see what sort of classes are being offered in your neck of the woods. Almost everyone reading this could probably teach a class on Internet Marketing to the newbs in your area, you know far more than they know.

Don't underestimate your knowledge of how to do something...because, there might be a good market of hungry students thirsting for that knowledge and willing to pay to get it. Why not YOU?

FOUR, create something.

My friend Phyllis made wire jewelry, which was beautiful and in demand. She created customized jewelry for people, her “marketing hook” was a FREE color evaluation (she took classes and had a good eye for what people's right colors were). I was skeptical at first, but I saw some “Winters” transformed into much more attractive people by simply changing their colors and their jewelry...it was almost magical to see.

Can you create something? I create recipes. Of course I've had training in this, but more recently, with my diabetes out of control, I had to self educate myself on certain things that could help me...and I was able to create some great recipes (especially proud of my muffin and granola recipes) for other people who are fighting this dastardly disease.

Create SOLUTIONS to other people's problems and you'll not have to worry about SEO and all that stuff, people will beat a path to your door and they come with CASH in their hands too.

Put your creative thinking caps on and CREATE something of beauty and/or value for someone.

FIVE, clean something.

Windows always need cleaning. Gutters. Houses. Boats. Cars. Offices.

I cleaned and waxed cars many years ago. I had one of the first MOBILE car detailing services and sent postcards to doctors and dentists offering to take care of their 'babies' at their offices, so they could keep an eye on me while I detailed their cars. 100 postcards gave me all the business I could handle and it was a very lucrative cash maker too.

My friend Kathy lost her job and knew unemployment was going to run out, so she started her own house cleaning service and is about to turn it into a full time business. Even in this recession, many people would rather pay to have it done than to do it themselves. Never forget that for millions of Americans, TIME IS more valuable than money.

There are specialty type cleaners too, ducts, fryers, commercial cleaners...but stick with what is dirty in your neighborhood, do a good job cleaning it and collect the cash. Clean computers, and clean off the computer hard drives. Not rocket science, but can be a source of cash.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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