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January 26, 2011, 11:40 PM

YOU don't KNOW Dien or Gordon well enough to write the way you have.

I've been watching your posts.

I've been here (I KNOW) a LOT longer than you, and I would NOT try to write an ASSUMPTION about what they MAY or MAY NOT be trying to do.

Maybe I'm way off base (sorry if I am Gordon and Dien) but I'm smell'n a spamer/person who MAYBE wants to be an internet marketer but is JUMPING the GUN/ to conclusions about what this forum is all about.

Word to the WISE, lay off, lay LOW. Offer something... ANYTHING of REAL value.

Your posts are "vague" and lead to your signature line with no real input.

Don't be the "FNG" with too much "P" and "Vinegar" thinking you know what's up with this forum.

There are GOOD PEOPLE here looking for "REAL" help and "REAL" info. without all the "BS".

Dealmaker... you're starting to "read" like a "bs" artist. Stop now.

Gordon, Dien, IF I'm off base, I apologize, please let me know if I am. But my "INNER DOG" tells me this guy/person is fishing for his OWN personal benefit ONLY.


If you need to know what "FNG" stands for... it's an OLD U.S. Army term.

Just ask, send me a private message and I WILL TELL YOU what it is.

Just trying to keep "THE CONFUSED/MONEY HUNGRY" in an understanding position...

... and

... protecting those that are still trying to "get it" and make something happen for their lives...



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