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January 27, 2011, 04:26 PM
I'm here pretty much every day, but I don't post much anymore and when I do it is usually to the posts that have a name with them.

I might have pertinent info, or suggestions for a post but when the post is hiding behind a pseudonym instead of a real person I just let it go by and don't post.

People like Dien, Gordon, Don Alm, Margaret, Mike, and others who use their "real" names....we know who they really are...we know who we are dealing with.

Names like Thedealmaker and Fishman just don't cut it on a high quality forum like this one.

And....I can just hear it now...but what about Adman....that's a pseudonym....you are correct it is...BUT...we all know that the Adman is Don Alm because he identifies himself in his posts....and when we read or respond we know that it is Don we are communicating with.

If you want input and respect...at least on this forum...I would suggest you identify yourselves so we - the old timers (as well as the newcomers) - know who you really are....and yes I am an old timer all the way back to when the internet was nothing more than BBS's and DOS and an old 14.4 modem was the only way to hook in.


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