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February 4, 2011, 01:38 AM
It has to do with being able to "float upon" some kind of confidence-boosting environment -- and whether that "environment" can be counted upon to exist!

Hi TW,

The good news is...

You create confidence by designing and building such an environment.

The bad news is...

Nothing lasts forever.

Seems to me that whatever your “Irresistible Offer” is, may just not be resonating with your target market. If it were, you would have more leads than you can handle and prospecting would be a breeze.

I’ll use myself as an example, in the past when I only had a handful of qualified leads to contact my confidence would dip really low and I would come across as being desperate and for every 3 people I called only one would book an appointment with me.

I have a good product and service (Portraits/Photography) that people can’t help but want, but only after they see the final product. So for me the solution was to set up a system that would automatically prospect for me resulting in more leads than I have time for.

Now that I have several such prospecting systems in place nearly every person I speak to will book a session with us! And if someone did reject my irresistible offer – so what – there are several hundred more people in my marketing funnel who are praying I call them. Thus your confidence level shoots sky high while your stress level drops like a rock because you know there is more demand for you than you can handle by yourself. Once you reach that point you can ease up a bit and shift your attention to hiring and training help to leverage your time and income.

I’m taking it a bit further by setting up front end sales funnels that eliminates most of the pain and rejection of prospecting and also setting up backend systems that automate the selling/closing for me. Before doing this I use to be people dependent. Now I’m more system dependent because I can hire no talent people off the street and in 3 hours time train them to turn out a great product that people can’t resit buying. Now if everyone performs as poorly as my worst employee – no problem because my system creates very reliable, consistent results.

Reading and implementing the “E-Myth Revisited”, the “4 Hour Work Week”, “Work The System” and “Never Cold Call Again” has fixed my confidence problem at least for the time being but who knows for how long as the entire universe is in a constant state of flux and the only constant is change itself. But at least for a while I find myself in a pretty nice place and when I do life seems so much better and that reflects in my confidence level.

I won’t show you my proprietary automated backend sales & closing system or how I drive hundreds of prospects to several different front end sales systems but I will show you one of the sites that I send prospects to in order to pre qualify them for our time at: http://tinyurl.com/4sk9akd

Do you think your confidence would soar if you had hundreds of hot prospects opting in to your sales funnel each day?

You may be so busying working in your business that you never find time to work on improving your systems. Have you implemented anything from Sam Carpenters “Work The System” book?


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