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February 12, 2011, 08:06 PM
Hey! They're WORKING!

FULL Color Coffee Cups....HOLDING UP in Restaurant Dishwashers!!!!

And...when I show potential Advertisers how they can have their FULL Color Ad on Coffee Cups.....they go "Ga-Ga"!.....and...GLADLY pay $275 Deposit and $275 on Proof (90% pay with their Credit Cards to my Merchant Account!)


See Photo below! Which Coffee Cup would YOU like to have YOUR Ad on? The FULL Color (Display Ad) Cup or 1-Color (Classified Ad) Cup?


Don Alm

p.s. Haven't seen any posts by the "negatits" lately...so I thought I'd "stir them up" from their "slumber". C'mon naysayers! Let's see what ya got! You NEED to get som-a-dat "Hate-Juice" outa yer tummy....it's eatin thru yer tummy walls!

p.p.s. Sorry....I'm not selling or offering any more details. Go figger-it-out-fer-yerselves!

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