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February 16, 2011, 06:58 PM
I'm now ON the record.

Again, more businesses will close down and go out of business in the next 12 months than the number that went under in the last decade.


Convergence. Not in the mathematical sense, more along the lines of "technology convergence".

Look at the world today. Organized "protests", organized by technology a whole generation has grown up on.

But I want to expand the meaning and include several separate spokes of the wheel coming together, ala Tallmadge Circle (which I've written about extensively, google map Tallmadge, OH and see my idea of convergence).

World Population at a Tipping Point? re Food Production.

Ideologies colliding. Inflation. WEATHER.

I'll be writing more on this later, as I wrap up the great Golf Experiement and get back to Politics and Making Money type stuff.

There is a tremendous opportunity in CLOSEOUTS and CHATTEL in the next year, especially the next 6 months.

Does anyone else get CLOSEOUT NEWS? Lots of good deals, IF you have buyers for the stuff...which is the key.

I'm reconnecting with many buyers, who are looking for very specific things to sell for the next year. Think of "tools to the miners" and you'll get an idea.

This is it. No more "the sky is falling" Chicken Little warnings...

The sky IS falling.

More to come.

Gordon Alexander

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