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February 23, 2011, 06:40 PM
My golf vacation is over...I've learned many things which I'll be reporting on in the coming weeks.

I have a whole bunch of posts starting this week at www.doomgloombliss.com (http://www.doomgloombliss.com)

Also, I have just started an ACCELERATED coaching program (see sig file).

I'm a "be prepared" good little scout of a guy, not a Chicken Little sky is falling...however, this time...the sky IS falling.

Be prepared.

I've only specualated in the past...this time, I'm going to "guarantee" some of the events headed our way and they aren't very pretty ones either.

I'm a little more pessimistic than my usual cheery self but Professor Kettlekorn will have a lighter take on these serious times.

Stay tuned.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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