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March 5, 2011, 12:26 PM
These posts are the most important I've ever made. I'll number them. This is ONE.

ONE is a nutshell version. I'll elaborate this week.

My MANTRA for the next few months will be:

1) Make as much CASH as fast as you can (and teach others how to do it too).

2) Start putting up FOOD at today's prices (and plant a garden this spring)

3) Join or start a CO-OP to increase your buying power.


Because of the coming DEPRESSION, in which we will see 20% UNemployment.

Due to what?

The coming OIL crisis, in particular the "collapse" of Saudi Arabia Oil production. Why?

A) Mercenaries
B) Russia
C) Jihadists.

I'll explain my thinking in the coming weeks.

One point about Mercs (mercenaries)...we call them "Contractors". And they were first responders during Katrina. Maybe as many armed contractors in Iraq as armed military personnel...who knows?

I've said for a decade, do not regard Russia as a sleeping bear in a Zoo Cage...which we can safely watch from above without fear...they are about to jump the fence.

The Mid East is in turmoil, and extremists will seize the day.

This is an overview, in the coming days, I'll provide you with my reasons and what is behind my thinking.

IF I am wrong, anyone who follows my advice will be worse off in these three ways:

You'll have more CASH in your pocket than you do now.
You'll have plenty of FOOD to share.
You'll have friends and family you can count on and a group of people who can help those less fortunate.

I don't see too much of a downside in any of those.

It is extreme thinking, I know.

Also, and this is for both current members and future ones of my coaching programs, we're starting a MATCHING GRANT (up to $1,000) program for your FAST CASH opportunities...especially with chattel...

As I've written many times before, you'll need between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars to generate a weekly liveable income and too many of you don't have that to work with...so we'll give you up to 1k bux to use on fast cash deals...at no interest or charge, simply return the bux to the fund when your deal is done.

Members can email me for details.

I believe we have our heads buried in the sands, or up are Arses on what is about to come.

I hope and pray I'm wrong. Probably way off base here.

But, you need to make as much CASH as fast as you can and you need to start buying tomorrow's food at today's prices...and join or start a co-op to increase your buying power.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I believe we will see race riots in the streets of America before the summer is over too...and I'll explain why.

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