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March 26, 2011, 04:31 PM

I think what we are seeing is what old business has known all along.

"Pioneers take the arrow, settlers take the land."

Even Warren Buffet's strategy is to study the history before you invest.

Those in the 90's were the Pioneers and sure they made a lot of money, but many, too, too many had horrible demises.

Old business knows this and never reacts hurriedly. Even though many criticized their slow motion approach to the Internet.

Old business watches and studies the competition but they also watch and observe the new and see how long it will last.

What we see now is old business as the settlers. They watched the start ups. Tracked their progress. Learned where they went wrong.

They've taken what worked in the short run. Studied why it didn't last. Repackaged it so that it must be part of the buyer's daily life.

It's like watching Proctor & Gamble and how they made us feel if we didn't buy their products and use them.

So the idea or belief there is a different way of doing business than the old way has no validity because good old fashioned business basics always rule the day.

"There is nothing new under the sun"

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