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April 4, 2011, 05:30 AM
I heard this radio spot for a company that TUTORS KIDS who have learning disabilities -- Wonderful + God bless them!

But the action they want the listener to take, is CALL THEIR PHONE # -- ok, good. The voiceover guy says (remember, this is RADIO), "be sure to call: 1-800-GREAT MINDS, that's 1-800-GREAT MINDS [etc.]"

Now here's where it all falls apart -- at the end of the spot, for this place that's supposed to IMPROVE MINDS, it turns out the phone # is...

1-800-GR8-MINDS (!!)


Reminds me of another similar mistake -- a commercial that was quite popular around 10-15 years ago -- it was a BIG tape set that promised to IMPROVE one's VOCABULARY -- guaranteed.

Went "wonky" (incongruent) when it ended with, "Use these tapes, and you too will have a DYNAMITE vocabulary!!"

ummm - yeah, right.


-- TW

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