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April 12, 2011, 12:25 AM
Let me be clear on what I would offer a small biz...

A video (approx 1 min. long) that shows off their company + what they offer, in general -- benefits, etc. Basically a video version of their "about us" page.

They would supply (via email) 5 photos, a logo, the script (basically from their website -- I could grab that info myself), their contact info, and what they want the call to action to be.

Note: these vids would be "hand-crafted" -- w/ professional voiceover, music, etc. These vids would be created with some thought + a brain. I'm not saying works of art, but of a somewhat higher quality than usual. Reason I mention this is, those cranked out animoto vids I've seen are AWFUL!!

Need to figure out a *realistic* "in the trenches" price.

Also please note, this would all have to be able to be done "remotely" via email, etc. No in-person meetings, and no "taking photos or video" myself at their biz location.

Any ideas on a price range?


-- TW

PS: Please no, "I charge $499," etc. I think I need to find a low-resistance price that still allows me to produce these at something more than (what ends up being) $4/hour -- but not some pie-in-the-sky price, either.

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