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Skip Rosell
April 26, 2011, 01:10 PM
Samir and I talked on the phone Friday at 5PM. We set up a new site, reworked the sales letter a little, adding a header and installed the Paypal button and were ready to test by 8PM

Then I wrote the email copy. By Midnight we sent an email to my list.

Here are the results and our take on how it worked for us.

We made it an Easter sale with a cut off date for the low price of $9.95 to end at midnight on Monday. We were a little worried about it being a holiday weekend but we ran with it.

As of the cut off time we had 40% open rate on the list. This WAS a little low for this “buyers” list. I usually get upward of 60% open rate on this list so I guess the holiday did hurt us. So our take is that people were away or just too busy to get on the computer.

We used the subject line “Who Else Wants To Earn $300 A Day Distributing Balloons”

We had 91% of the opens click on the link in the email. That is a great rate. So we believe the body copy of the email did its job.

We had a 27% conversion rate. That is a great rate even for a list of previous buyers.

So Samir is well in profit even if we deduct the money he lost on the PPC campaigns.

Samir is happy. He got in profit which he can use to further test and promote his report or to use to outsource some copy writing.

I’m happy. I made a nice profit per hour. Let’s say I had a total of 2 hours in the JV. I can’t make that much working for some company. :)

The customers are happy. They get a simple way to earn $300 or more per day for the rest of their life. By the way we had one refund. He said he lived in a small town with only one business that could use his service. :) I would have taken it to the closest town where there were more businesses, but that is just me.

So over all it was not a bad JV. Everyone is happy. We could have done better, I believe, if it was not a Holiday we would’ve gotten a higher open rate. We will do another JV with this product later and test out the new sales copy.

Anyone up for a JV? :)

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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