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April 27, 2011, 08:39 AM
30 million American Citizens are about to be LOCKED away in “Detention” Centers...

Their travel will be restricted, they will have new “Camp” Identification Badges...they will be under strict curfews.

They will all eat the same food, prepared in massive commissaries, their children will be placed in separate dormitories, their assets will be seized and they will not be allowed to own personal property.

All of this to "protect" them.

Will you avoid the coming American nightmare or will be one of the 30 million American Refugees forced to live in a controlled environment, all for their own good?

Can't happen in America? The land of the Free?

Ask the millions of American Natives about being forced to live on “reservations”.
Ask the American-Japanese who were moved into detention centers during WWII.
Ask the millions of migrant workers who daily face squalor conditions while picking the food Americans consume daily.

Concentration camps in America? Detention Centers? American Refugees in their own land?

What kind of nonsense is this?

Pure fiction, of course.

Or is it?

First targets: everyone living in public housing.

IT will take place in a matter of days and barbed wire walls and concrete barriers will appear on the streets of Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Baltimore and every major city in America. National Guard and regular Army troops will be turned into policemen with orders, “shoot to kill” any violators, such as looters.

Martial law will be the rule of the land. Emergency powers will be evoked by the coming crisis.

Next target, the unemployed. If you aren't working, if you are not paying taxes, or if you are retired and on a fixed income, you will be given the “opportunity” to move to low cost communities where your needs will be taken care of. Except your need for freedom and independence.

The days of freedom may be gone forever.

And even if you are one of the “lucky” ones, a person with a job, income or stored wealth, you will face restrictions, shortages and rationing. Everything. Food, clothing and travel will be carefully monitored.

You will be given a Government issued cell phone. You will be tracked, watched and monitored 24 hours a day.

Don't Be One of the 30 Million Refugees Forced into the Coming American Nightmare...

OH MY. He's gone over the edge. He's gone mad. Joined the ranks of the survivalists, the end of the world guys...

not exactly.

I am baffled, however, as to why so many Americans have their head buried in the sands...of entertainment, and "nonsense" like the Royal Wedding...when the world is ablaze.

The spring floods and storms I wrote about a few months back have hit. The tornadoes have been devastating. The Middle East is on fire. It is just a matter of time for Saudi Arabia to receive a little taste of the "revolution".

There ARE plans in place, "secret" plans for EMERGENCIES. But seriously, detention centers? American refugee camps? C'mon Gordon, get a grip.

NOW more than ever, I say, "be prepared" for the worst, hope for the best and don't sit idly by...get involved and take care of the day with a careful eye on the future. MAKE more money. Buy tomorrow's food at Today's Prices.

Build a network of cooperation and buying power.

Same old message. But with an air of URGENCY about it.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. And keep an eye on www.doomgloombliss.com where I'll be very active in the next couple of months.

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