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May 13, 2011, 09:15 AM

Almost feels like we've come full circle. It's been over a decade since we wrote about the Balloon Business and the Baron of Balloons, Charles Prosper.

Glad to see someone put a twist and reintroduce this Parade of Life Business, thanks to Samir. You've re-energized the forum. Good job.

Also, there are lots of behind the scenes testing going on too...I love Parade of Life Businesses...they never go out of style.

10,000 people a day are turning 60 in the USA. Nearly a million people a day are having a birthday (on average), millions more have anniversaries, graduate, have events...perform, participate and do things which call for a "celebration" or some basic recognition of their activity. Hence, the balloon. The greeting card. The Singing Telegram.

Cookie bouquets. Edible Fruit, Candy, Cakes even a pie in the face now and then.

Most of these businesses are simple to start, easy to promote and are evergreen too. Toss in the sickness and end of life events, and there is ample opportunity there.

It just goes to show you, ACTION on the simplest projects can produce amazing results.

No rocket science there.

On the INSTANT HYPNOSIS front, the preliminary results are in...by gum by golly, this "stuff" works!!!

Of course it does. We are animals. We have instincts. We have basic operating procedures and primal modes of self preservation.

In a world of contrived technicques of persuasion and influence, including salesmanship, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Rapport...nothing beats the ancient and primal methods we were born with to influence and persuade others to our way of thinking and seeing the world.

Thanks to you early Pioneers who have taken on the study of Animal Hypnotic FASCINATION...I think a few eyes have been opened and some remarkable results are about to occur.

Fires, Flooding, Earthquakes, Tornadoes and now Hurricane Season is upon us. Thousands of people have been displaced. Food prices continue to soar. So my question is, Are you buying tomorrow's food at today's prices? Do you have a Co-Op formed, even if it is only between family and friends to increase your buying power? And, are you making as much CASH as fast as you can?

The PARADE OF LIFE businesses, including the many twists and turns being discussed on the forum re Balloons, can be ONE way to put some very fast cash into your pocket.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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