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July 8, 2011, 04:20 PM
What have you learned this last decade at SowPub?

Yea, most of you know Dien is pronounced DEEN OR DEAN, however, it is fun to hear people struggle with it. He's also an awesome physicist...and speaking of AWESOME, no one beats PHIL (pronounced Fill) for fast research and where to find stuff.

Here are few lessons I've learned or relearned in some cases:

You don't get paid for doing nothing (although I'm amazed at how hard people work to do so).

Old fashioned direct to your face salesmanship still works, although it is harder to build a residual income. (Although those selling renewable advertising get close to it).

You CAN do work once and get paid for it, for decades even. Paper and Ink which you own/control and specialty products (like oil in a can) are two examples of this Royalty/Residual income stream.

MOST people do not have a life plan, let alone a one year business plan.

The vast majority do not focus on one thing at a time and suffer from "shiny object" or "greener pastures" syndrome and don't put their nose to the grindstones long enough.

Too many people fall in love with their ideas, to the exclusion of good, sound advice from people who have done it...they think they can do it their way (some can, most CAN'T).

People want to be heard, and listened too (which is sometimes hard to do when they talk fantasy or think they have the answer, and most often they don't).

Slow, steady and PLANNED (which requires advanced thinking) beats the sprint to the next big thing most of the time, unless you OWN the next big thing.

MOST overestimate the amount of spare time they have to work on a project and as a result UNDERestimate the amount of time it is going to take to reach their goals...if they even set them.

MOST are collectors of information and NOT implementers.

Many fall for the big secret, big promise and big system which is quick and easy to do at low to no cost. HA!

A few actually ARE doers, but even some of them do and do and do without the results they want because they don't adjust and refocus.

OK, these are a few of things I've learned or relearned this past decade...care to share yours (knowing that personal attacks will be deleted almost instantly and you'll be banned from the forum, fair enough?).

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Time can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, but you get to choose which one (most of the time).

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