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Dien Rice
August 4, 2011, 04:15 PM
Sometimes, there seems to be a lot of "bad news" surrounding us in the general media...

A good "remedy" to all this gloom is to focus on the positive news - which, believe it or not, is still around...

Here are a couple of websites which focus on the positive end of the news (i.e. the opposite of most of the general media)!

* Happy News


(Other news categories are on the left side of the page...)

* Optimist World


Here are some examples of more positive news, that's happening in the world today...

Good Samaritan Finds $16,000, Returns It To Owner

Wisconsin Prof Wins Bad Writing Contest

Campaign by Mind encourages people to enjoy outdoors activities and improve their mental health

Clean drinking water for African children in Tanzania thanks to a partnership between Eden Springs and People help People - One World

In my opinion, the mainstream media is often too "one-sided" - and the "good news" which is around us is often overlooked...

Best wishes,


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