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Dien Rice
August 6, 2011, 03:30 PM
Forbes' All-Star Student Entrepreneurs...
One thing that a lot of these stories show is that, despite all the dire news on the economy, there are still plenty of opportunities around...

Another thing I've learned over time is that any kind of change actually means opportunity... That could mean changes for the better, but also changes for the "worse"...

Any kind of change means that many "old" businesses are no longer satisfying people in this new situation, and new businesses are needed to satisfy new wants and needs, as a result of the change...

These changes can be of all types - such as economic changes, technological changes, demographic changes, cultural changes, and so on.

Every kind of change means new opportunities... You just have to be open to this idea, and keep your senses alert, your mind open, and be aware of how new changes are affecting people, and what new needs and wants they have as a result...

To give a very simple example. The job situation may not look too great. But as a result... the demand for resume writing services are apparently higher than ever... Just one simple example...

By the way, here's an example of a resume writing business which is offering refunds if you don't get the job you want!

Professional Resume Writing Service Offers Refunds On Unsuccessful Job Hunts

Gordon Jay Alexander also very successfully ran a business helping people get their ideal job, offering a refund if they didn't get the job they want in 90 days, many years ago...!

Best wishes,


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