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August 12, 2011, 10:01 AM
They don't do it the usual way.

Some of you know I have published a lottery HOTSHEET for over 15 years, which I have mentioned on rare occassions, and gave a few details in my HOTSHEETS report about.

I KNOW this about lottery players...winners are SECRETIVE...they, for the most part, do NOT sell systems, methods, courses or their strategies...most of the books written are by ONE or TWO time winners who can't repeat their success.

They are also FANATICAL, committed and will spend a fortune over a lifetime looking for an edge. They are NOT your average blue collar worker but rather (I'm talking consistent winners here) are educated and have a good working knowledge of odds, math, probability and of the lottery itself...which is why ROLLDOWNS are so attractive as pointed out in the article.

They track numbers, keep journals, notebooks and what I call...a "book of lost numbers" (losing numbers) and they play the games for a lifetime.

The lottery often replaces bowling, golf and other hobbies as they age and they are consistent with their betting...and a couple of times a year will make much bigger bets than normal because SOMETHING on their radar tells them to do so.


I'm NOT publishing these days except for FL and OH, just trying to stay alive at this point...however, IF you have a state lottery and you might be interested in publishing a state HOTSHEET...we might be able to work something out...as long as you understand you will be selling a tool to the miner.

It is NOT a system, method or technique to win the lottery...but rather a tracking device, a way to SEE what is going on in a state lottery with certain guidelines...it is a TOOL.

You may have seen something similar at your local store, a LUCKY Hotsheet that sells for one or two bux sits on the counter next to the lottery cards.

I've never let anyone publish VIRTUALLY before, however, I'm ready to do so...but it can ONLY be one person per state...and it should be someone who can stay with a program for a year to let it grow and develop.

So...if you think you might be interested...shoot me an email at gjabiz@yahoo.com with the subject header LOTTERY, and I'll give you my undivided attention.

Lottery players are a lot like stock market players...you have all kinds...speculators, those into FOREX, others only in S & P 500, others only in commodities, futures, and some with buy and hold strategies...

LIKEWISE, lottery players are a mixed group...some ONLY play a pick 3, others think a pick 5 is the best...other's play scratch offs...some play birthdays, anniversaries and dates of importance...

I don't prejudice myself about what people spend their money on...some people like to hunt and fish, others play golf, others go to casinos, still others smoke and drink...

So, please don't grind your moral ax here, OK?

IF you want to get into a potentially lucrative PUBLISHING business, and now you can do it all via email...which is a new "twist" o n this...then act quickly.

Gordon Jay Alexander


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