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Dien Rice
August 17, 2011, 03:29 PM
I just came across this...

Jellyfish are gooey-looking aquatic sea creatures...

And they can look good in a fishtank!


At least, a lot of people seem to think so...

Someone is trying to start a business creating and selling desktop jellyfish tanks...

They have tried to raise money on "Kickstarter" (a money-raising website for creative ventures)...

They were looking for $3,000 to get started. So far, they've received $59,315 (as I write this) with still 26 days to go!

People get different benefits for pledging different amounts.

161 people - the greatest number of people by far of the different categories - pledged $350. For this, they become one of the first to get their own desktop jellyfish tank!

Maybe this is a new (and perhaps legal) way to do a "dry test" for a product... They have effectively "pre-sold" 161 desktop jellyfish tanks (and made $56,350 in jellyfish tank "sales") which have not been created yet!

Lots of food for thought here...

Best wishes,


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