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September 3, 2011, 07:07 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Thanks Gordon.

I will stop by.

Do You Know about Billionaire Ken Varga?

He overheard doctors telling his parents they'd have to take care of him
his whole life - because of a disconnect in his brain.


He designed a series of mental exercises to RE-BUILD that part of his brain.
Ken has since built and sold 20 some companies.


Years ago I was on the phone with him and he described how he went from
zero to over a million ezine subscribers.


I decided to start my own Ezine.


Ken talked about how he writes interactively. In ways that FORCE his
action oriented readers to EMAIL HIM.


I started offering BRIBES in my Emails and in my Ezine to get readers

a - Give me their opinion

b - VOTE

c - Suggest a better way to do something



I was suddenly emailing and Phone Chatting with my Best Customers.

That 1 to 1 contact resulted in
their making 100 TIMES more munny.

Since I was able to Mastermind - customize ideas for them.

And - as a Result...

The Readers that Responded to my BRIBE offers of Special Reports, ADVANCE
CHAPTERS of books and mil lion dollar Case Studies...and talked to me.

Bought more.


This conforms to the 80/20 rule too. 20% of my Ezine Readers Make 80%
of the Extra Profits because they Participate and Talk to me.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - It seems like a simple thing. But I can count the # of folks who use
this idea on one hand. So it's worth Sharing.

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