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September 4, 2011, 02:42 AM
The recent discussion on this forum about scrap metals received a lot of interest so I want to share a similar idea with you all. It's about selling scrap tires. The work is labor intensive and may require a truck so it's not for everyone but it may be for you.

If you've ever gotten new tires for your car, you know that the auto shop charges $3 to $4 to dispose each of your old tires. The auto shop charges you because it usually costs them the same amount to get the tires disposed.

The large auto shops usually have agreements with a tire recycling company for picking up the scrap tires on a scheduled basis. The small auto shops have to either take the tires to the recycling facility themselves or store them at their shop until they've gathered enough quantity to meet the pickup requirements of the tire hauling company.

The problem for the large and small auto shops is that most states have very strict rules on storing the tires. For example, the tires cannot be stored out in the open where rain can fall on them and possibly create a breeding ground for mosquitos. So naturally, to avoid hefty fines, the auto shops want to rid themselves of the scrap tires as soon as possible. Having a reliable 'company' come pick up the tires within a couple of hours of making a phone call would solve the problem, however, as most auto shops will tell you, finding reliable tire haulers is not easy.

That's where you come in. If you have access to a truck that can hold 100 scrap tires, you can make at least $200 per trip to the recycling facility. Most auto shops will be happy to pay you at least $3 per scrap tire. Many recycling facilities will charge you $1 to take each tire off your hands. This means you get $2 for each tire and for 100 tires, you get $200.

If you don't have a truck but do have a large enough place where you can store up to 100 tires and keep them dry, you can have the recycling company come pick them up.

In order for this business to be feasible, you need to have enough small auto shops in your area to regularly supply you with the tires or you'll need one large auto shop that is not satisfied with their current tire hauler. In either case, you'll need to be a registered business in order for the auto shops to legally supply you with the tires (otherwise any Joe can pickup the tires, collect the money and dump the tires somewhere).

You also need to have a tire recycling facility close by to keep your costs contained. Here's a list of scrap tire facilities in the Tri-state area along with the amount they charge to come pickup the tires from you. If you deliver the tires to them, the prices will be slightly lower.


good luck

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