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October 31, 2011, 12:33 PM

Thanks, anyone who has experienced health care recently, just as likely comes away with a negative attitude as they do a positive one. Like I said, there are miracle workers, out of 14 doctors I've had tinkering on me...two were outstanding...the doc who did my cataract surgery is World Class...and the heart surgeon who put in my stents gets rave reviews, which puzzles me...a few doctors have marveled at his work which begs the question...

How many of these stents get screwed up? Shouldn't a heart surgeon be able to do good work, at the least?

hey have almost NO unemployment here in Carlsbad, NM. Anyone who wants to work, can find a decent job...in fact they have shortages in some areas, such as diesel mechanics. It is a big mining/oil/gov't town. Almost zero unemployment. Spend about 10 minutes on google and headlight cleaning/headlamp restoration.

There is a franchise for 10,000 dollars all the way down to 1000. They claim to have about 20 locations in ID, Montana, UT.

On car detailing forums, some over 10 years old, I found the average cost of healight cleaning runs from 85 to 225, depending on what hype they sell you.

Yes, I think in a metro area, it would be pretty easy to have multiple locatins with hired help...nothing I'd consider even 1099ers get too messy for me. But, perhaps a training and supply business. HMMMM.

the Boz spent a year experimenting, using all the known techniques and magical elixirs...they just don't work...if you do some research, the best way and most used is the sanding/buffing/polishing method which he has perfected.

When I first came down, we discussed kits, biz-ops, licensing and the Boz didn't want to get bogged down with that...but there is a market for it.

Regarding Franchises...too messy, too much regulation...you could consider distributorships with an agreement to provide the sauces, pads, etc.

I think a one day workshop in Reno would attract people from the West Coast and they leave with a kit and enough supplies to do a 100 cars might work...charge 1500 bux or so.

Call your local detail shop and get prices. Google and see, 85 dollars is the median, the low end is 35 dollars...anything less than 30 doesn't have perceived value. Again, this is an already established business in the auto after market, the Boz difference is his MOBILITY and he goes to the people.

May I suggest you get the manual and then call me with your questions, be more than glad to help you if you think you want to set up remote or absentee locations.

There are people getting 100 to 200 bux for a service...and they have 5 dollars in supplies and a half hour of labor.

At 30 bux a pop, we've had NO resistance and more sales than when he was charging 20, before I got here and told him to immediately raise his prices.

Thanks for asking, don't be surprised if the caustic old fart himself replies to your message, proclaiming himself KING of the headlight biz...HA!


Anyhow, thought I'd lay all this out this morning to see if we can get a discussion going on this biz opp and its potential. Hell, anyone interested probably should use Boz's manual as the blueprint. That way he makes a few bucks and the franchisors make a few bucks. A win-win all around.

Again, God bless and continue to get healthier.

Tom :)

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