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October 31, 2011, 02:32 PM
With apolgies to Sandalwood (Tom)..

Tom asked about making the headlight cleaning business absentee and I think, sure, it would be easy to do in a larger metro area.

Also, the Boz rejected my ideas about distributorships, alliances, biz-op kits he only wanted to do the manual.

Headlight cleaning is already a lucrative business the average is about 85 dollars, and many shops are charging 100.

I encourage anyone thinking of doing this to call your local detail shop and get a quote or a range...you'll quickly see why 30 to 50 bux a car is an easy sale.

The Boz Process is similar to many you see online, sand/buff/polish but his technique is different, no need to mask the car, the guys using air tools have to or they do damage...if the buffer hits the car with his method, it just makes it look better. No harm done.

I think this has great potential as a Biz-Op, possibly a distributorship and/or to do training and then be the supply source.

My apologies Tom, I've only been using the forum for 11 years now...some day, I'll actually learn how to use it.

Hope this answered your questions.


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