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November 7, 2011, 09:22 AM
Thanks Phil,

LOVED your post putting EMAIL COMMUNICATION into context - as the
Gorilla hiding in plain sight.

I hadn't considered creating an email based
info product - 'til now.

So "Thank You."

I've Got An EARLY HOLIDAY Gift for you - all. (Or is it Ya'll)

I found a Professor with a website
who Lets You TEST YOUR Copywriting Skills - FREE - No Charge.

His offer?

TWO FREE Tests of his fancy New EYE-BALL-ATTRACTION Software.

(His software tells you where the eyeballs of readers are ATTRACTED on the
page - in the 1st 5 seconds of viewing a web-page.)

You can Analyze Two Emails.

Two Forum Posts.

The top of two of Your Websites. (Which is what I did.)


I was skeptical.

But After testing over 100 sales letters on Ebay...
(And even more writing for clients) I Already Know Which Sales pages are
profitable and those that are NOT.


My Two TESTS of the Professors' fancy Software DOUBLE CHECKED what I ALREADY Knew about where I wanted a Readers Eyes to LOOK.

In Other Words...

On Two Of my websites - The Professors Software proved my Copywriting
Worked - as my Website S ales Show they Aught to.

So this Software MIGHT help you Improve
Your Copywriting - as far
as ATTRACTING a readers EYES where you want them on the page.

EYEBALL Attraction Software Example #1 -

EYEBALL Attraction Software Example #2 -


Lastly - Where to GO to TEST YOUR Own Copywriting


Thank You,
Glenn Osborn

P.S. - The 999.00 euro a month flat rate is a bit steep.

But the cheap plan of 5 page EYEBALL tests for 99 bucks - I suggest
might make sense.

Especially if you get into an argument about whose HEADLINE or Email offer
or Snail Mail letter (Up on a website for testing) GRABS ATTN Best!

I don't get a dime from posting this.

But thought it a New Technology to use to Double Check our Written
Offers and Communications - to MAKE SURE they GRAB ATTN.

P.P.S. - Test Yourself without the RED Circles.

Where do your eyes go on the page?


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