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December 29, 2011, 07:03 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Just called the company in Arizona and ordered 10 lb bag of Anastazi beans.
Only 12.00 plus s & h.

Not only do these Anastazi Beans cook in 40 minutes
instead of 2 or 3 HOURS - for Pinto beans.


The Miller company s ells them 60 cents a lb CHEAPER than I was paying
in Whole Foods for pinto beans.

YIKES - what a Ripoff.


When I told the lady on the phone we were writing an Anastazi Bean
cookbook that would send them LOTS more buyers.

She was so happy - she told me I can also PLANT these
same beans in my garden.

So UNLIKE most of the seeds we buy from Seed Catalogs - these beans
are Untreated and pristine.

All good signs we're getting MORE Nutrition in our bean
meals than ANY American who eats frozen or canned foods.


Just wanted to SPECIFICALLY Thank you for TELLING me about these
beans and the Colorado Bean co.

I put pinto beans in Everything I cook. Bread, muffins, rolls, jello, rice
pudding, sticky buns, bundt cake, plus all the vegetable meals.

So these New (OLD) beans will save me ooodles of cooking time.
And some loot too. It's the principle of the thing.

Good to know the Bean Middlemen were RIPPING ME OFF - big time.


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