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December 22, 2011, 05:12 AM
Here's something that is a mindset thing --- and a little TABOO to talk about. Takes a little honest SOUL SEARCHING to even bring it up as a topic. Has far reaching implications that are not necessarily "pretty."

Has to do with the idea that perhaps one can subconsciously fail ON PURPOSE ("unknowingly"), as a means of FILTERING OUT people who will/would ABANDON you upon failure.

A kind of "failure filter." A way to sacrifice one's own SUCCESS, as a means of finding out who is UNCONDITIONALLY on our side (+ who isn't).

I'll post more about this later (don't have time right now).

Note: What triggered this idea was one line of a song by The Pretenders called "Stand By You." It's a very POWERFUL LINE (I think) - that always "gets to me" when I hear it. (I'll find the lyrics + post 'em later)

In the mean time, anyone have any thoughts on this? Maybe it's an already known + discussed phenom. I've never heard of it in any case.


-- TW

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