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Dien Rice
January 6, 2012, 08:09 PM
After a computer crash in 1Q11, I lost a few things as you can imagine. Fortunately I had all of my good stuff backed up. One of the things I lost was skype however.

I reinstalled it yesterday so I could talk to my kids who are on vacation in Poland. My daughter-in-law was born and raised in Kielce. As I was talking with them, I realized how great of a benefit Skype is.

I'm wondering if anyone is interested in exchanging skype names and forming a de facto group. Not to pester each other w/b.s. or silly crap but to talk ideas, business, and the like.

It would seem to me this could be a benefit worth exploring. If this has been bantered about before, sorry for the duplicate post.

First, I think having people who you can talk business and "bounce ideas" off of is very valuable! I think it's important to talk with other people who are in business themselves...

Of course, you can do that here - though sometimes you want more confidentiality...

One way to do this is to get to know some of the other people here - for example, by sending them private messages via the forum, and/or email (if you have their email address, or if they let you email via the forum).

I've gotten to know many valuable people to "bounce ideas" off of just from this forum!

You could organize a group to do this - I usually have my discussions "one on one" though... If you do have a group, you probably don't want it to get too big, however.

Hmm... Just some random thoughts on this topic!

Best wishes,


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