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Duane Adolph
January 11, 2012, 01:06 PM
Hey Sowpubbers,

Are YOU an "Entrepreneur"?

I just read this short article by a Harvard Business School professor Howard Stevenson.

I thought he succinctly captured "A" definition of an Entrepreneur in under 25 words.

I won't spoil it by posting it here but check out the article (it's a quick read).


In your opinion:

1. Did he nail it? Is it the "Best Answer Ever?"

Yay or Nay...

2. Are YOU an Entrepreneur? Why? ...

3. What is YOUR Definition of an Entrepreneur?

So many people say they want to BE Entrepreneurs...Magazine, Newsletters...INFO galore...about the topic

BUT...when probed with the some of the questions above I'm sure there would be a WIDE range of thoughts and definitions....which would leave any sane human with an Identity Crisis :)

Hmm...Maybe the "success/failure rate" often quoted (e.g 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first blah blah blah)has less to do with lack of skills and more to do with an "Entrepreneurial Identity Crisis" of sorts (A very loose Hypothesis which just came to mind)

Waiting eagerly to hear your Brilliance Sowpubbers HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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