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January 19, 2012, 11:20 PM
Office Depot. I was roaming the Internet and came across this statement:

"I don't mean 20% off, or even 50% off. I'm talking about 75%90% off. The store is Office Depot, and it's a terrific source of resalable items."

I forgot where I found this statement but does it really matter if it is true? I have an Office Depot about 2 blocks from my house and will freely admit I only went in for what I needed and never looked around. Tomorrow or Saturday I will pop in and ask the mgr if they have regular sales of brand items for the above mentioned discounts.

One of the items supposedly found was two Olympus Voice Recorders for less than $4 each (they retail at $35). Again if this is true, about it being 4 bux that is, then golly wolly talk about a great find especially if the product is still in the box.

I would suspect a guy could sell this stuff on ebay or CL w/o a problem. Or, maybe even to a local biz. Don't know that but it seems possible. My understanding is OD puts stuff on sale about once a week. Again, if true, this puts a lot of chattel into the commercesphere.

If someone has more experience w/OD than yours truly please spill the beans. I'm hoping this is true.

Just my 2... :)

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