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January 22, 2012, 01:43 AM
important piece of psychology I've ever found is , and how it will make things much clearer and easier once you get it...are you ready to get it...

INFLUENCE. The book you must have. In it Cialdini discusses primal reactions, and calls them click-whirr.

We still have the remnants of our hard wired click-whirr...Flee, Fight or Freeze instincts...

My first lesson on street Judo as taught by Rusty Sheehan was about what he called the Risk Assessment Look or the Safety Glance...although today people walk down the sidewalk staring at their phones or mp3 players...most people will still take a quick look at someone coming the opposite direction...at about 10 feet away.

MOSTLY, they are just quick looks, sometimes exchange of pleasantries...good morning, good afternoon ... hello...

These glances are hard wired into us...the handshake is said to have come from when two strangers met on the road and they would grab each other's hands and turn each other around and then release so each could continue on his way...don't know how much truth there is to that...

but I do know, and my first lesson was all about this...ASSESSMENT of risk, and if the hair on the back of my neck stood up...then I assumed a very ready and defensive posture, letting my potential assailant I was ready.

A good book which discusses this primal instinct is FEAR, suggest you read it.

In street judo, you had to be ready.

You can conduct some tests, safely, just stare at someone coming toward you, especially if they are tuned into their phone...or walk on the same line as they are coming toward you on...just to see. But be aware of these little looks, slight glances which are left over from our days when we may of had to fight, flee and didn't want to freeze.

I tell you this because it is part of or Animal instincts, worn down by a century of industry and living in cities...farmers and ranchers are still able to call upon these instincts, when they hear a strange noise in the back 40. They go on alert.

These are part of our primal animal nature and if become aware of them, they are powerful weapons, I dare say, THE most powerful of all persuasion weapons...because we are unaware of their use on us.

We have Click Whirr built into us and those who know this and know how to bypass the RAS, which serves as a guard to our subconscious mind...and keeps out the unwanted thoughts...

IF you know and understand that we still have these automatic responses...then, you could craft a persuasion technique which shoots arrows of persuasion directly into the subconscious mind without the conscious mind having time to do a THREAT ASSESSMENT.

See, the Big Red nose and exploding toy that Glenn Osborn uses and my use of a kazoo and song...both are Click Whirr techniques...they bypass the conscious mind...they go deep...they are effective.

When it comes to persuasion and influence, the person that knows and masters these click whirr methods...is one to achieve a superior position over his adversary or competition.

Adolph Hitler used the click whirr of pride...the message of "we are better than what we are getting"... and that there were other forces to blame, other people other groups...which were keeping the status quo...

and in little more than a decade he was able to raise a generation fervent in their beliefs...although the majority of Germans were never in the Nazi party...when the tipping point came...they "went along" for great fear...

the FROZE in the headlight stare of a madman.

But you, as a business person, as a salesperson with a good product to sell, can increase your effectiveness, close more sales, make more money, improve your life and the lives of those you love and care about when you use the full force of all the persuasion techniques.

I argue YOU don't need to spend the next 52 years to find out what works and what doesn't. You don't need to read thousands of books or spend tens of thousands of dollars on YOUR education...

There are those of us who have done it for you.

The problem is....

There is just too much information out there, and as I stated, there are as many conflicting views from too many authorities...

it may take you decades to wade through the garbage.

There is a shortcut. YOU must find what works for you.

See, there is no off the rack solution to HOW you can be most effective...you must use the techniques and methods YOU are most comfortable with...your suit of armor must be custom fitted.

YOU can't fit into Elmer's, Zig's or Gordon's.

YOU can't wear the suits of knowledge of a Bandler, an Erickson or a Crane.

YOU can't fit into the ideas of Emerson, James and Thoreau.

But YOU can find out what fits you.
What works for you.

Which of the scores of methods, techniques and strategies are just right for you to use.

As a young man, with many many hours of falls under my belt wouldn't hesitate to do a leg sweep where we both go down...only with me in control...or a an absolute everything punch ala Hikuta Dok Lee style ...now, I'd just have to bite his carotid artery and hope for the best...

the point is....

YOU could spend a lifetime, like me, to study it all...but...

with 20/20 hindsight I can state without doubt...there was just too much wasted time and effort...

IF I only knew then...

I would focus on understanding what ATTENTION is...and this online dictionary definition works for me:

1. Concentration of the mental powers upon an object; a close or careful observing or listening.

I call this state of mind TCA...Total Conscious Awareness.

YOU can't stay in it all day long, but you can enter TCA whenever you want.

It is a high alert of ALL your senses, including those subliminail and subconscious ones you have learned to ignore.

TCA takes in body language and correctly interprets what it means.
It takes in breathing, eye movement (long before NLP existed this was beign taught)...

It uses all the senses and is keenly aware of click whirr responses in both directions of the communications. It can put your sentry on guard with the least feeling of something not right.

In a sales presentation, it can pinpoint the exact moment you lose their ATTENTION (most objections are the click whirr for the buyer to leave, like, I have to go to the ATM, or do you have change for a hundred...for a two dollar service)...those objections are click whirrs...

built in.

And once you know and acknowledge them, defend against them, then you can regain their attention.

In the art of Aikido, you are taught about energies...and how advanced masters can feel the opponent's energy and use it against him...or more acurately let him use his own force against himself...just get out of his way and let him continue to go in the direction he was headed...

Sales Aikido is the same...you take the person's energy and let him go with it...until he reaches his OWN conclusion....

And that is the most powerful weapon of all in the Persuasion Arts...when your target, reaches HIS own conclusions and they happen to be the same thing as you want him to do.

IF only you were to think and contemplate on this.

The old saying, a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still....

And may buy once from you...but never again.

IF your buyer reaches a position in his own mind, if he CONCLUDES your product or service is what he wants...

And if you can locate and concentrate your energy on the Click Whirr techniques which help him reach HIS conclusion much faster....your sales will increase and things just get easier and easier.

In the the next part of this series, I'll share some other nuggets I discovered from sifting through 52 years of collected ore, in the form of almost everything I've written.

May be some more gold...or may be just glitter.

Stay tuned.

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