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March 1, 2012, 11:21 AM
I posted this a few days ago and several people took a look. It is NOT for everyone. However, it could be perfect for you.

Including myself, we have several SowPub members in good standing (been around for awhile) who are going to participate.

Today, You can take a look too. Here is the url:

www.nocollegeuniversity.org (http://www.nocollegeuniversity.org) Note the .org

No College University is the brainchild of Tom Koziol, our own "Sandalwood"

Tom is a semi retired insurance agent in Reno, NV. He has turned the reins of his agency over to his son Carson and wanted something to do in his retirement which could help people.

Over the decades Tom has insured hundreds of small businesses and he has come to know many successful people. In fact, in his own business arena, Insurance, he knows many successes who never set foot on a college campus.

Now Tom does have his degree, BUT, he knows from working with success that a college education is not a requirement for success.

So he has started No College University.

It is a PORTAL, built upon the MemberGate Software platform...a PORTAL that will host dozens of courses or information in a wide variety of fields...

And this is where you come in.

April 15, 2012, TAX DAY in USA, is the planned Grand Opening.

Today, you can see the "shell" mostly placeholders, but you can get the drift of the site and see if you might like to participate.

There is NO cost upfront to be a teacher or faculty member...just have information which can help people make money.

Tom has limited the thrust of the site to MAKE MONEY.

He has seen too many people fail, and businesses go under when they didn't generate enough cash flow.

MAKING Money has been a big part of our story here at SowPub for the last 12 years too. In fact, we think this is one of the best all around information sites on the Net.

We expect to see a bump in our traffic and an increase of sales for the products we offer here, by participating in the No College University.

Dien Rice has written a fantastic book on the ODD ball, little known, unusual money makers he's researched over the years. Dien will be the DEAN of Odd BALL...HA!

Maybe as a course, he'll teach us some Big Bang Theory (I can hear Dien now going, Penny, Penny, Penny, Penny)...

Anyhow, take a look at www.nocollegeuniversity.org (http://www.nocollegeuniversity.org)

If you hit Chatteling on the left panel, you'll see my mug. I'm offering a brand new course in advanced chatteling, which will be free to all members.

Again, you don't pay a dime if you have courses there, and even if you don't, for only 10 bux a month, there will be many discounts and freebies to take advantage of.

Feel free to post questions here, read the DEPARTMENT called Amazing Opportunity to get some details.

Let us know, we're building fast and furious TAX DAY is only 6 weeks away.

Tom and Carson have some great strategies for SEO and traffic, he has considerable investment in this project and wants to make sure everyone WINS.

YOU win with a lower "affiliate" rate (most pay 50%, Tom will only get 20) and you'll get exposure, brand development, eager audience of paying customers...well, really, YOU figure if there is any benefit for YOU to participate, OK?

No College University...Success Without a Diploma.

www.nocollegeuniversity.org (http://www.nocollegeuniversity.org)

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Tom will create a Department just for you, in fact today, we'll be adding several including a PHOTOGRAPHY Dept, cause one of our SowPubbers is going to participate...and he has a great OPPORTUNITY for people who like camera work.

Hope to see you all there.

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