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March 19, 2012, 10:02 PM
Rubber Tire Assembly Worker Story - Part II -

Some people on Forums say my writing is difficult to understand.

So I decided to write this in 2 Steps.

Step #1 (Herbal Pill) and #2 - Energy Exercises from bed -- Should be
easy to understand...

Cause and Effect.

Fairly straightforward.


SUMMARY PART #1 -- Charles the Tire Maker on The Assembly Line
replaces 3 Red Bull Energy Drinks a nite with a few Herbal Pills.


PART #2 -

THE REST of THE STORY...so far.

Charles works with a Team of 30 others. But each person works at his or
her own Tire Making Machine and workspace. Assembles each tire by

On Average each team member makes 160 tires per 8 hr shift.

But After Charles Quit The RED BULL - cold turkey.


Then started doing the 4000 Year old Exercises - 5 minutes a day.

Charles set a new Personal Record of 211 tires in 8 hours!

anyone else in his 30 person Team makes.


NOBODY on Charles Team is Happy!

I've watched this over and over with every person we coach. When our
MASTERMIND Team breaks Performance or Sales Records there are Consequences.

Consequence #1 - Co-Workers stopped looking at Charles. He feels INVISIBLE.

Consequence #2 - Charles' Supervisors and Managers DID NOT
Congratulate him on making 51 EXTRA Tires.

Consequence #3 - IN FACT Charles says he suddenly has to fill out
Questionaires, Do interviews, fill out forms and paperwork - During his
8 hr shift! Time away from making tires.

Consequence #4 - Charles Reports he only has one friend to eat lunch
with and talk to at his 30 minute Lunch Break.

You ask WHY?

This has happened to me personally - back in the days when I held a regular
Job - not a biz I created for myself. (I always go the Extra 100 Miles.)

FEAR - Fear you will make others look bad.
ANGER - Anger because THE BOSS might make everyone Else Work harder.

(WELL FOUNDED FEARS - The Boss WILL point at you when Whipping others
to do more. NOT a good way to become popular.)

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - CHECK BELOW if you wanna' Try - The SAME 4000 yr old Exercise Charles does to give him 51 Tires a day EXTRA ENERGY...

Very Cheap.


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