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March 23, 2012, 09:56 PM
{Twistable} PR, Public Relations, Social Media etc. etc...

Huge Benefits for Not Getting into you Know Where & Why Too! ... :)

It's All About the Traffic, Exposure... Innovations, Creativity, Meetings and Connections with Googlers, Comsumers, B2B investors and More...

Especially {Niche} Specialized Marketing people looking for What you have, your Ideas, Maybe a little Sharing, a Few [Golden] Money making nuggets, here and there, Constantly Growing in unlimited Directions & Opportunities ... ;)

Whether you Decide to Follow... Go with WalMart or just Maybe Not! ...

Works for just About {Any} Specialized hard goods, soft goods, Info... Whatever Product into Google and ComPANY you Have to Get-Out-there yesterday, Tomorrow and into The Never-ending Future...

Give it a Good ol' NewsWorthy related Headline(s) and Nice mix of Smart Consumer and/or B2B, depending... Focused keyword related Phrases, Low Hanging Fruit especially! ...

Well Released throughout Multiple Distribution networks and ideas! Niche Specialized Web resources, Particular industry's, Marketplaces, opportunities and possibilities, worth seriously Thinking & Brainstorming & Doing!

Quick Food for Thought and just One of the Many Examples growing Daily!

Memphis 3D Company Takes Aim at Walmart

All the best...


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