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Dien Rice
April 19, 2012, 12:12 AM
Japan seems to be a good source of unusual businesses, as well as generally wacky trends (as seen from our perspective)...

Here's another one... It's...

...Cat Cafes !

What is a "cat cafe" you may ask?

It's a cafe, where you can drink your hot beverage of choice, in a room full of...


They charge 1,000 Japanese yen per hour per customer... That comes to around $12.30 per hour (in US dollars) to spend your time at the cat cafe.

You are not allowed to hold the cats, just pet them.


(Photo comes from here (http://sarahmarchildon.blogspot.com.au/2009/02/one-hour-of-heavy-petting.html)...)

Here's where you can find out more...





Apparently the idea originated in Taiwan, but has become quite successful in Tokyo, Japan, where there are several "cat cafes"...

Would this work in the "West"?

There are hygiene laws, which may affect whether animals are permitted where you would serve food or drink. There could also be "animal welfare" laws you'd have to be aware of. So the overall idea could need a little "tweaking"... I'm sure it would be possible, though. (You'd have to think it through, and make sure you comply with local laws. There's usually a lot of regulation when it comes to businesses that handle food for human consumption...!)

One factor in its success may be that most people in Tokyo live in apartments, where it can be hard to keep pets. So this idea may be better suited in areas where there is a lot of apartment living, and where it can be hard to keep your own pet...

- Dien

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