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April 21, 2012, 05:02 AM
Little known fact: Every year different groups of humpback whales "learn" a new song. For that year, each group of whales "sing" the SAME song.

Similarly, many TV commercials use pretty much the same music. At the moment the "song" is a particular style of music. It seems (to me) that this "song" is meant to give the company being advertised some TRUSTWORTHINESS.

Like, if you hear this music, that means to you can TRUST this company (which, of course, is nonsense).

Check it out though, when you watch TV. You'll see this same style of music being used in pretty much EVERY commercial. It's like...

"You don't have to wonder if we are trustworthy -- See? We're playing that special TRUSTWORTHINESS music, and that's all we need to do to "PROVE" we can be trusted!

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