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April 21, 2012, 11:59 AM
My best guess would be MOST SowPubbers regard the end of the world discussion as utter nonsense.

But, can it be an Opportunity?

There are MANY groups (cults) which are making preparations for the Doomsday which is coming our way on Dec. 21, courtesy of:

The Mayan Calendar, Biblical Prophecy, Nostradamus, et al, and has us either shifting poles, a passing mystery planet, solar flare or Nuclear Destruction...

Who is more likely to drop the bomb? Isarel, Pakistan...China, Russia or USA?

Consider the US is the only country to have actually dropped a couple of them...it seems logical we don't have a moral objective to it's use...right?

Anyhow, Sun, Moon or Tootsie Roll Pops...

Dec. 21 is headed our way.

Will there be the hysteria of Y2K? Food stocking? (Which means food selling too)...

Will there be a rush on Toilet Paper the week before? (Thank god we know someone who has a huge stock of it, in case of such an emergency)...

Will the SURVIVALISTs GET RICH? And stash all that Gold in their caves and underground shelters?

Will REPORTS and hotsheets sell like crazy?

IF nothing happens, what happens on the 22nd...or on the 25th?

As someone who frequently tells other people to LOOK into the future, through the spyglass of the Parade of Life theory (a new customer is born every 7 years)...

And to plan and profit from COMING events, like holidays or birthdays for example.

OR from Summer Olympics. Fall Elections. Winter HOLIDAYS OR from
imminent destruction of all of mankind ....

the MAntRa of my past has always been BE PREPARED.

So, you are welcome to join in the discussion about the coming Apocalypse...or about the continuing OPPORTUNITIES these sort of events generate...or about the PARADE OF LIFE opportunities, which, more than likely will still be with us on Dec. 22, 2012.

Y2K was fun. Now this.

Any preparation going on? Either for the end of times or for the flood of profits which come from these things?

My radiation proof, heat deflective, flood proof, fire proof ARK should be ready in time. Buying much beach front property in AZ too...or am I????

Gordon Alexander The ever jolly Mr. Doom and Gloom.

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