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Skip Rosell
May 1, 2012, 10:37 AM
Hi my friends,

This just happen to me last week.

A friend of mine that works for a heating & cooling company in my area
called me and asked if I could help her boss out of a jam.

Lisa knew I worked at home on the computer and her boss had a real big problem.

Rich, (the boss) had a site built by a web designer in the area. But he could not contact him for the last 3 months. Since the seasons were changing and his prices had increased he needed some changes to the site right away.

The designer set up the web site with a user name and password and never gave that info to the owner. WOW! You own the site but do not have access! He had no idea how to get into the site to make the changes.

Think this does not happen often? Business owners get into this jam all the time because they want the designer to handle ALL OF the site and not have to learn ANOTHER new trade just to run their business.

Since I knew a way to get this info I told him I would get him a new user name and password for $100. It took me all of 5 minutes to do this for him.

Then while we were talking he told me his friend who owned a local oil company had the same designer and the same problem. You see it was the oil company owner that turned him on to this designer in the first place.

So I called the owner of the oil company and got him for $100. BUT it did not stop there.

Since I help them out of a jam they both signed up for a $125 a month contract for me to manage their sites. Just normal maintainence of their site and any major changes will be billed over and above.

Now I could have left it at that and would have been very happy with what I got BUT....

Since the old designer left his footprint on the sites I figured how many other sites did he do the same thing to? Now in respect to the old designer he may have had moved, had home problems, died, or a number of other reasons for not getting back to the owners of wesites that he produced.

But I did a quick search and low and behold I found 23 sites that were made up by this phamthom of a designer. All these sites were set up the same way and I figured that he kept some or all of these passwords to himself.

I contacted 10 of the 23 so far and got a contract with 6 of them. 2 of the other 4 had a new designer make up a new website with a new url for big bucks. One had the password and The last one I could not contact.

So how much fell into my lap from this chance meeting?

Eight at $100
Eight at $125 a month (I out source this for $50 per month)
Eight at $$$ for major changes. (which I will out source.
Eight that I can sell other services to like Emial marketing, Google places, SMS messaging, etc.

I could have charged more for the ID and password set up but since I charged the heating guy $100 and all the sites are from my local area I did not want to raise the prices on the others.

BUT...how many others are out there in just the US that have the same problem. They hooked up with a designer that has "flew the coop" so to speak? And kept the password!

Who would like to run this type of service?

Do you know ways of finding these web site owners?
Any ideas?

I have one way and will give up that secret if others want to start doing this service. Just comment on this thread that you would like more info

Best of success,

Skip Rosell

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