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May 27, 2012, 11:30 PM
DA I have to give it to ya... really...

Purchased one of DA's programs and learned early on if you wanted
support forget it. He acted like it wasn't worth his time to
support one of his customers....


Answer this question honestly: Have you even taken OR did you ever take
other peoples ideas and make them your own?

Yes or no...

Its a simple question.

Did you ever say that you invented the internet? Pet rock? Internet marketing?

OR restaurant advertising on a menu board? Well yes you did to this...

A few years back you accused me of swiping your 'idea'.

To refresh your memory I had created a sign that offered specials with advertising. Many years before you EVER posted YOUR idea we had a restaurant decide to do the same thing. I created a sign for a local business, posted it to sowpub and you SAID I stole your idea.

Had enough of DA...


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