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May 27, 2012, 11:09 AM
How to turn 85 cents into a TWENTY dollar bill in less than 3 minutes.

First, a personal, short RANT...I hate doctors and hospitals.
Second, without your health you ain't got nothing.

OK, end of rant.

Last year I helped “The Boz” create his manual for cleaning headlights. Actually whatI did was to teach him the PROCESS I use, including the use of a White Board, a couple of Square One Workshops tools (Pyramid of Accomplishment and View From theRooftop)...

And the process of writing for a targeted Audience.

Part of this process was for me to observe, then participate in the actual work.

During the couple of weeks of OBSERVATION, I saw Boz make hundreds of dollars with his headlight cleaning business, mostly while he set up at a car wash.

Then I learned the process, which took about 20 minutes, including sanding, buffing,and the use of 3 “secret” sauces. And I saw him test his price from 10 dollars to 40 dollars and even higher.

It is a slick little business, the downside is that most people don't THINK about having their headlights cleaned. Those that do usually take their cars to a detail specialist, who charges anywhere from 80 to 200 dollars. I checked several Walmart auto centers to some of the FRANCHISES and confirmed this price range.

Yea, you can get started cleaning headlights with a FRANCHISE for only $25,000.00

and/or buy KITS from 495 to 2495 dollars to get started. These kits supply buffers, and sanders, etc, pretty much what Boz used last year.

Now I took a tool-kit to San Diego and was able to make sales the day I got there. I used a neon bright 4 X 6 card cut in half and stuck it in car windows with dirty headlights.

I charged various prices just to see, and most people like the 20 buck concept, it seems,
to them, to be a fair price for this service. Some, who have dealt with detailers thought
it was way too low. No one thought it was too high.

Some of this PERCEIVED value comes from the TV INFOMERCIALS for those 19.95 do
it yourself kits and from the Walmart shelves where you can find several kits from 20 to

Anyhow, since last fall, the Boz has been relentlessly looking and testing a wide variety of
formulas and has spent hundreds of dollars trying to perfect his business.


The Boz can now clean both headlights on a car in less than 3 minutes, and he has 3 different
price points, 10, 20 and 40 dollars. About 9 out of 10 choose the 20 buck offer.

Now that he is using his smart phone to accept credit cards, he has eliminated those
cash poor people who usually have to run to the ATM (and they hardly ever come back).

His profits have increased dramatically.

A few weeks ago he journeyed to Alabama, from New Mexico, and stopped along the way
to check on what detailers were doing and how much they charged. He then showed him his
3 minute method and virtually everyone he showed was ready to pay him on the spot for
the formula, which he DID NOT give away (except to his list of manual buyers).

While in Alabama, he got a local license, 40 bux, and set up shop and in less than a week,
he made $640.00 NET profit which paid for his trip. He also confirmed this business can
be worked anywhere there are cars. ANYWHERE. YES, even where you live.

Now, I was impressed with the original idea, and found 60 bux an hour doable, if you found
customers, but I hated using the drill and spending the 20 minutes. NOW, it is a 3 minute process,
and Boz simply SHOWS THEM with a test strip and once they see the difference, VIOLA, there
comes 20 bux flying out of their wallets.

Way back in the beginning, I had suggested a KIT for his business, but he'd have to find
and source drills, sauces, pads...a real PIA (Pain in Azz) concept, so he canceled the KIT idea.

But now, since he has eliminated all that stuff, he carries a small bag, like one of those grocery cloth
bags with just a couple of items in it. He can do 10 cars an hour.

His demo on dirty lenses closes the sale, about 8 out of 10 times.

In investigating and reporting on business opportunity for over 40 years, it is rare that I find
something like this, and can enthusiastically endorse, because I've done it.

And because Boz has eliminated so much of the KIT, he is going to be offering (around July 4th)
his Business in a Bag KITS.

He has put together 3 different kits, the difference being the amount of supplies you get.

But before he even allows someone to buy a kit (and get a RESERVED TERRITORY) he is
putting together a FREE Sample. It isn't quite ready, he's got supplies which have to come in, but
once he does, he is going to offer a FREE sample (just pay the shipping and handling, which is fair enough, right?).

You'll get enough sauce to do TWO cars, do your own, then make 20 bux if you want or do a family
member's car for the experience.

Also, if you do get the FREE sample, you'll have first opportunity to claim your area, an area covers
approximately 100,000 people and becomes protected, he won't sell any kits in YOUR area.

There is no obligation. Once you test the 3 minute method on two cars, you'll be better able to make a decision whether or not this is something you want to do.

Also, if you do decide to order one of his KITS, for now a Silver, Gold or Platinum kit, you'll get some
pre launch bonuses. For example, with the Platinum Kit you'll get a lifetime discount of 50% when
you reorder the sauce.

Even though he has shared the basic recipe with his manual buyers, there are some nuances and
proprietary stuff he has.

YES, you will have to reorder the supplies from Boz, but each reorder has a minimum of 1000 dollars of profit built into it at the 20 dollar per car rate. Again, where else can you spend 80 cents and produce a 20 dollar profit.

IF you have any interest, and there is NO obligation, send Boz an email with the subject header: 3 MINUTES to renewnightvision@gmail.com

This will put you on a list which will receive “OK, FREE Sample available” email when he has his
samples ready to go. IF you are already doing the business the old way, ask Boz about special discounts for his existing customer so you can convert from the 20 minute per car to the 3 minute per car method and see a dramatic increase in your profits.

I've seen very few Businesses in a BAG with such huge instant profit potential.

OK, there you go and if interested ask Boz the questions, not me. I'm crawling back into
the woodwork to fight the bugs of modern health care.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. I am NOT involved in the Boz's business in any way other than I've reserved a part of San Diego where I will be DOING this as soon as I get back there. I still have to pay for my kit, but I did get
first choice.

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