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Dien Rice
June 5, 2012, 06:43 PM
I see a way to hook up (toll position) two companies for a big, instant CLICK!

How do I make sure I get a piece of the resulting action? (which may last years!)

Any advice?

Hi TW,

In short, you need to propose a contract (or agreement) with one of the parties, such that if you bring them business (or whatever it is you're doing), you'll get paid a commission.

The place where I read about this is in Jim Straw's "Finder's Fees" course. He talks in detail about how to "not get screwed" in a situation like this, where you bring two parties together. He also tells you the exact steps to use to approach the party you want an agreement with.

By the way, you can find Jim's "Finder's Fees" course here (http://sowpub.com/a/findersfees.php)...
(That's my affiliate link, to purchase the course via Clickbank. Although Jim Straw doesn't usually give refunds, if you buy via Clickbank, they will give you I think a 60 day money back guarantee...)

Best wishes,


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