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Dien Rice
June 6, 2012, 09:20 AM
I like to "keep tabs" on various new marketing and publicity ideas being implemented by small businesses. Here's one of them...

One ice cream store in Napa, California, sells a "whopper" of a banana split... It will set you back $3,333.33 if you want to try it! They say it's the world's most expensive sundae...

Why is it so pricey?

The ice-cream and banana are organic - but that doesn't account for the crazy price tag.

The expense is because the banana split is topped with three rare (and very expensive) dessert wines...

It also comes with a cellist, who will play for you while you eat your sundae... (Maybe a sad song, to mourn your shrinking bank account...)

Of course, this is really a "publicity gimmick"... it's an interesting idea for the business to get into the newspapers and other media! But if it brings more customers in the door due to the publicity, more power to them! :)

You can read more about it here...

Neal Gottlieb is founder of Three Twins Ice Cream

Best wishes,


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