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Dien Rice
June 13, 2012, 05:21 AM
Please bring your own beer to the end of the world bash, I'll have the Hot Dogs ready.

Read about it here www.doomgloombliss.com (http://www.doomgloombliss.com)
When I heard about the rogue Planet Nibiru, I was fascinated.

This planet - apparently discovered by the ancient Sumerians - had been fingered in a future cataclysmic prediction for our planet. By colliding into the Earth.

Something wiped out the dinosaurs. They say it was an asteroid. There are various asteroids that could hit the earth one day.

Could an asteroid kill off humanity, too?

If you don't take it too seriously - end of the world predictions can sometimes be fun...

I remember standing in the middle of the city, surrounded by lit-up skyscrapers, at 11.59 pm, on Dec. 31, 1999. On the stroke of midnight, I wondered, would the city be plunged into darkness? Would the thousands of people around me stampede in terror?

In the end, I saw some fantastic fireworks. Apart from that - Y2K was a (welcome) anticlimax!

Here's more on the "Planet Nibiru theory" - plus NASA adds their 2 cents too!



Best wishes!


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