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June 23, 2012, 10:46 AM

I'm creating a new series on Chatteling, which shows how to convert chattel into both biz ops and it begins at the 500 dollar net profit level.

I'll get to that in a moment. You'll be able to access this new course at NCU, www.nocollegeuniversity.org (http://www.nocollegeuniversity.org), which is getting fired up after a few unexpected delays.

IF you don't know about chatteling, it is the buying and selling of personal property for a profit.

First, I want to show some BIZ OP, and how to add paper to get hundreds of dollars more.


I search San Diego, Akron/Cleveland and West Palm beach craigslists for my chatteling ops.

You see the link above goes to the Konica Printer...and this part caught my eye:

for making booklets in-house and on-demand.

Imagine if you invested in a printer like this, YOU could start your own on demand BOOKLET printing business and as recent threads and posts show, it is sometimes hard to find a printer to do small runs on UNUSUAL size booklets. YOU could be "DA MAN" and in demand if you had one of these and a website that specialized in ON demand printing of specialty booklets and reports.

OF course, it would serve you better if you had your own projects too.

For less than a 1000 bux, it COULD develop into a nice little FLY LOW AND COLLECT THE DOUGH project.

This next printer is a


BIG printers. Somewhere in the early archives I tell the story of one of my many jobs over the years, I was a part-time courier for a chain of stores, O'Neils which is now owned by Macy's, I think.

I would drive around Northeast Ohio and pick up jewelry at all their stores, about 9 or so, and take this jewelry back to central store, where it would be repaired. ONCE a week, on Thursday, I would stop at a lady's house in North Canton, OH.

She was the SIGN maker (one of them, they had in house, but they outsourced some of this)...and her specialty was to make signs for the Jewelry department SALES signs for the weekend.

Either one of these computers could be used to make signs and banners which you see in the store windows every where you go...who makes these signs?

Someone with a big printer.

So, that is one possibility, here is another one...


Now, you flip the 600 dollar printer for 1000 as a business opportunity.

I saw an ad for a lawn mower in the San Diego ads yesterday, and there are scores of reports and manuals on how to start a lawn mowing service.

Just by adding a few pieces of paper to an item, you can turn into a business opportunity...and you can do this with all sorts of chattel, like carpet cleaning equipment, lawnmowers, printers, specialty products used in any service industry. Every day tens of thousands of people are looking to start a small business, from home, and for low cost.

You sell the chattel to DO the business and include the HOW TO do it information which increases the chattel by mucho dollars.

Next post, I'll give you the price ranges to get you to 500 dollars Net Profit PER TRANSACTION...and if interested in the whole shebang course, which includes my personal guidance through the summer, head over to NCU and we'll teach you how to do it, fair enough?


PS. Be glad to answer your questions HERE, OK? I don't like PM, that is Private Messages, best to send me email, gjabiz@yahoo.com if you want a question answered that is personal or you just don't want to post it here.

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