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June 23, 2012, 02:30 PM

The #1 Restaurant "McDonalds Uses BRIBES - Happy Meal Action Figures

Seth Godin Gave Away his book, "The IdeaVirus" and the Hardcopy of his
book on Amazon went to #2!

iTunes Gives Away Music Samples BEFORE You Buy. (Result - billions even
tho you can get the same tunes for Free.)

Amazon's 100 Million Dollar Man (James Patterson) Lets You Read 15 FREE
CHapters of Many of his books.


You Might.

I Gave Away A Free MP3 Chapter of my New "Steve Jobs AudioBook" (After Interviewing His College Girlfriend)


You Can Get This Bonus BRIBE too. All It Takes is YOUR OPINION.

Glenn Osborn


Big RED Nose NLP Testing Club Ezine #2321

Dear friend,

Thanks for Voting on Which HEADLINE you Like Best for the New 30 Chapter Audio-Book.



(You Get a Link to) CHAPTER I - 47 Minute Audio MP3 (Explaining how Steve Jobs College Girlfriend Told Us She Watched Steve ZAP 100++ College Coeds to Get Free Meals.)

PICK YOUR Favorite Headline - Cut and Paste and Email it to me at Rentamentor@mac.com

A - Steve Jobs Shows Us A New More Dangerous NLP Anchor

B - How An International Criminal Fell In LUV w/Me Then Got Arrested (Subhead - “My Explosive 1st Test of Steve Jobs NLP”

C - Steve Jobs Elevator Luv Hug Guide on How to Pick Up Women #1

D - Magician’s Guide on How to Amaze Women Into Dates

E - How to Get 100’s of Hot-Sexy Women To B uy You Lunch

F - How Steve Jobs Used NLP to Get 100’s of Coeds To B uy Him Lunch

G - How Steve Jobs Flirted His Way to a Bil lion Dol lars

H - LSD - The Secret to 2 Bil lionaire Friends Empires

I - How Steve Jobs Set Himself Up to Starve or Freeze If He Didn’t Hypnotize 2 or 3 Coeds a Day

J - How Steve Jobs Learned S alesmanship One F-ree Lunch at a time

K - Steve Jobs Guide to a More Powerful Level Of NLP Trance

Thanks for Voting!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - IF You’ve Been Wondering WHY My NLP Results Are WEIRD and Higher Energy than Yours...
Well... We’ve been Flirt Testing this new Steve Jobs NLP Paradigm for FIVE YEARS.

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