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June 30, 2012, 07:05 PM
Not great, but you get the point.
These pics are of a 30 day short term project for a Kindle book, hopefully you can see how the Pyramid version is laid out.

This whiteboard is approx 2 ft high and 3ft wide.

Across the top is the time line, in this case 30 days marked off at the key points of the project, which correspond to the pyramid. The project is to be on Amazon by Aug 1.

The pyramid represents TIME in steps, where and when the project gets done.

Sometimes, a bldg is better if you have more steps and then you can make a fire escape along the side with each step mapped out.

Here you see that from July 1 to the 4th is fleshing out the idea, I always like to get the concept written down, even if the final thing doesn't even resemble it so I allow a few days for brainstorming.

In this case, I'm planning for a 70 to 80 page book, with 7 chapters each at about 10 pages.

This gives me the AMOUNT and I know that 3-4 of the ten will be fill in the blanks, checklists and bullet points, so the actual word count won't be all that stressful, and since I dictate with Dragon, not hard on my fingers either.

I'll use RED ink along the top time line to make lists, to see how I'm doing, what obstacles, new information, etc.

But, if I look at it every day, and DO the work that will take me to the next step up the pyramid, I know it will come to be as it is laid out.

So, this is for a short term, a 30 day project. One for a year looks the same, with the months broken down...and different smaller whiteboards, which I make from paper and clear contact paper, will be put on the board as the month comes up.

These whiteboards can be very useful tools to give you an at a glance look to see where your project is, or isn't and what you have to do to get it back on track if you get off the path.

Gordon Alexander

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