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Procrastination. Even Larry the Cable guy knows how to Get ER Done...do you? [Archive] - SOWPub Small Business Forums

View Full Version : Procrastination. Even Larry the Cable guy knows how to Get ER Done...do you?

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July 4, 2012, 10:54 AM
For more than a few here, this may sting.

YOU need to get things done. Quit floundering.

How many months has it taken you to write that little report?

How many years have you been spinning your wheels?

How much MORE TIME are you going to waste?

If you want to do something, then DO IT.

I believe that too many of YOU, OVER think your projects.

I think too many of you don't know how to PLAN your activities in such a way that simply by doing a small amount of daily mundane activity, it will automatically take you to your goal.

Maybe you need a jump start? A kick in the AZZ? Someone to hold you accountable for your activities?

What is it going to take to get you to MOVE on your ideas? To quit QUITTING? To get started? To FINISH your project?

It is my experience which shows me that many, many people don't get started or quit because they have a whole bunch of excuses, rather than any really good reasons for NOT staying on their path.

As I've PREACHED for decades, it begins, and ends...with desire and knowing what you want, or as I call it Square ONE.

Once you know what you want, you create a written Plan of Action which details the steps you are going to take to get there. I didn't invent this concept, but, I have perfected a couple of simple techniques...

like the Perfected White Board Planner...which many of you have used and found it to be a very useful tool.

Well, why not make a decision today...a decision that you will finally crap or get off the pot...to DO what you want to do...or to give up and move on with your routines (ruts) of your life.

IF, however, you want some help...I can do it for a few of you.

But, even then, it will come back on YOU to know what you want and be willing to commit to making IT happen.

Here is where I'm offering a few of you some much needed help...and it comes at rock bottom, bargain basement rates too.

www.doomgloombliss.com/july4.html (http://www.doomgloombliss.com/july4.html)

Gordon Alexander

PS. Even if not interested in this...and you are still floundering let me ask you a simple question...

What ARE you going to do?

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