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July 8, 2012, 12:00 PM
Thank you guys for your responses so far.

Yes, I agree that the version I presented is way out-dated but the concept itself is good. Some of the things I think it needs has been mentioned by you guys but I will repeat it here.

A combination of an offline printed directory with an online presence.
The ability for the biz to say more, for an additional cost.
Not sure of if full color is needed but it would be more attractive.
Besides distribution in stores, give each biz at least 10 copies.
Insertion of coupons as an add-on.
Maybe even change the whole distribution to going postal, using the EDDM program but if so, size and weight requirements has to be met.
An individual page for each biz on the web directory with a call to action.
Ultimately a one minute video of each biz, talking about their product/service.

To sum it up, the whole concept is to give exposure to those who do not have a store front or an office. To those who have a part-time business and can not afford "regular" advertising. To make it affordable to all. To keep the directory local.

If you did something like this, plan it for the long run. What I mean by that is not to make a big profit once but to keep on adding to it and making it more personal. Having the ability to leave online reviews/testimonials would also be an asset.

Leaving copies with realtors and insurance agents also seems like a good idea from the original authors.


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