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July 15, 2012, 05:44 PM
Thanks to a Post By Ankesh
On the TOPIC of
"Who You Know is Important"
I Was Inspired to Share How I
Write and Sell Books in 24 Hours For Clients and for myself.

WHO YOU KNOW - Three Men Taught me How to do this.

The Actual time it takes is often 2 or 3 hours. But the 24 Hours Limit is more

In 1989 I met and spent time with Bob Morrison. I ate lunch and dinner at his table and peppered him with questions.

Bob had authored 31 books and sold millions of copies. "Why SOB's Succeed & Niche Guys Fail in Business" - you may know about.

Then Gary Halbert and Bill Myers taught me how to SIMULTANEOUSLY Test,
Sell and Then Write a book or Create an Audio or VideoBook.

a book
to a Client.

Right now. Start to finish - I figure 7 hours for the audiobook. Another
24 to 48 hrs for a Transcription at Fiverr.

My Actual time to Record the AudioBook - 1 hr - My time to Edit the
Transcription 1 hr - so Since I get 500.00 an hr - Clients Pay me 1000.00 to Create MUNNY Making Leverage Systems for them.

IF I can get a Few of You To Vote on headlines for the book - Here on the Forum.

SHARE Your Opinion of Which HEadline You Like Best.



Is I'll continue explaining the Process Right Here in this Thread.

Win - Win - Win

THUMBNAIL-The Book I'm in the Middle of Now - I got referred to a guy with
a distributorship. He sells couples a 39.00 Restaurant/Pub Food & Drink
Walk or Pub Crawl. (For 39.00 you get to sample the best entrees and most
popular drinks at 5 Restaurants.)

I Figure This Book will 10 TIMES His Sales and Probably More. Instead of
selling diners ONE at a time. He's selling 100 Tickets at a time to Charity
Events. (The only limit is labor to lead the Walking Tours.)

This Book will Be a Gift to Restaurant Owners and Charity FundRaisers.


Please Choose Your #1 Favorite Headline And Cut and Paste it into this Thread.

___A - Why 5 Charities, A Title Co, Hotel-Apt-Condo Managers
Bought 50 to 100 Restaurant/Pub Crawl Tickets Each.

___B - Proof This Book Will Bring 100 Hungry Diners A Week
Into Your Restaurant or Pub.

___C - How to Bring 50 Dining Prospects a Day Into Your Restaurant

___D - How to Thank-Reward Your VIP Clients w/322.00 of food for 39.00

___E - Increase Your Charity Donations by 1000's & We Do The Work

___F - Where Will U Spend Ad Dollars When We Prove Your Results?

___G - Better Than Chocolate - 100's of Diners Darken Your Door

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - I Test Headlines regularly at my ezine. So I'll combine MY Readers
OPINIONS and yours to arrive at a Winning Book Title.

This might help those of you with a book Idea to put it up
on Amazon or Kindle - Very Quickly.

P.P.S. - Forgive me Up-Front - in Advance. I've been doing this SO LONG I skip steps. ASK if you have a question. I'll try and answer.

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