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July 28, 2012, 01:28 PM
As an old Bill Myers customer, you know people buy magazines, books and reports to fuel their DREAM...not to make the dream come true.

And there is a huge niche of people who want to get back to the land and nature...heck, your post is an article...

So, be glad to publish it and mail it out for our test.

Opossum, turkeys and skunks...OH MY.


No offense intended but glad I live where I do.

Skunks and bats also carry rabies here, as do the odd raccoon, fox, and coyote.

I am always vigilant of animals acting out of the norm. Any nocturnal animal out in the daylight spells trouble and a call to the authorities.

Had a rooster camping out under cedar bushes by house 2 years ago ( a bylaw officer cracked down on a property owner a couple of roads over so he just turned them all loose)....you would swear the little sucker was sitting on the bed. Tried everything to deter him...hot water, cold water, firecrackers....he would flee but would be back the next morning.

Finally had enough. Took my trusty puppy dog (Siberian Husky/Chow) out the back entrance and to the front corner of the house...at the first ****-a-doodle-do I turned her loose...last I saw of him he was making like Wylie Coyote (the road runner cartoon) heading off into the bush.:)

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